Forest Alchemy is range of essences and aromatic elixirs, made in collaboration with the trees and wild plants at Monte da Vida.


    Tree essences are one way you can receive energetic support of the forest right into your living room, at work, or when in challenging environments such as airports, planes, and busy city streets. By purchasing a product you create a direct energetic link to the trees that offered their flowers, leaves or twigs to make the essences.

    Profits from purchasing these products will go directly to support the regeneration and stewardship of the forest at Monte da Vida.

    Forest Alchemy is the first range of products created for Earthlife Goods Ltd, a company with a mission to support grassroots forest regeneration projects. Read more about Earthlife Goods  and purchase the products online here.

    What is a Tree Essence?

    Tree Essences are a type of vibrational essence, defined as  “liquid solutions of the energetic imprint of flowers, plants, trees, crystals or other natural sources.” (The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA) Guide to Flower and Vibrational Essences)

    The best known vibrational essences are the Bach Flower Remedies, and it is the ‘Sun Method’ set out by Richard Bach that I used to make most of my essences. Flowers are carefully cut, without touching them, and dropped into a small glass vessel filled with spring water. The vessel is then set in full sun for several hours, on a clear cloudless day. Meanwhile the essence maker sits at some distance to not interfere with the process, but to keep watch and make sure no shadow falls on the vessel, and no interruption occurs. For me this is a time to meditate with the tree, and open up to receive any communication.

    I used Bach’s other method – the Fire method for the Sweet Chestnut Essence, and you can find out more about that on the Chestnut page.

    Essences offer support primarily to the energetic, emotional, and higher bodies.


    Choosing an Essence


    • Firstly, try to forget whatever you may know about these trees. Instead use your intuition as you look at the photos below and the names of the trees, (the pictures are of the actual trees that provided the flowers for the essence). Does one jump out and call you?
    • If you need more help click on the pictures below and go the the page for that essence.
      On each page you will find information about the tree, how and when I made the Mother essence, some of the properties that I discerned from that essence, and the experience of others who have tested it.
    • If you still need help choosing, drop Clare a line via our contact form, with some information about what you are looking for in the essence, or what you are wanting support with in your life, and she will make a suggestion.


    Cork Oak

    Holm Oak

    Sweet Chestnut

    Strawberry Tree


    Black Mulberry


    Hydrosol Essence Spray

    A Hydrosol ( flower water, hydrolat), is an aromatic water made from distilling leaves, branches or flowers of aromatic plants. Often hydrosols are the by-products of making essential oils and no longer contain the oil. My hydrosols contain both the water and oil (the quantity of oil depends on the plant), and are distilled in a traditional copper alambic from wild plants on the land here, consciously harvested by hand.

    I have blended together five hydrosols, and added drops of each of the Oak Essences to make this Rain Spray that captures the refreshing scent and energy of the land drenched by rain.


    Made at Monte da Vida


    Our products are made in an area with low population, on a land that has been dedicated to meditation, and the intent to live in harmony within nature.

    The energy here is mostly clear of disruptive electro-magnetic influences – it is off-grid, wifi free, and has only a weak phone signal.

    After they have been made, the essences and hydrosols are potentized by leaving them on the ground overnight during a full moon.

    The water used for the Essences is from the land – from our well or lake. It is purified in a state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis system before being remineralised and energised.

    Read about Clare’s journey in making these Essences and Aromatics: Listening to the Trees.

    Clare is a member of The British Association of Flower Essence Producers. 

    Further Information

    For more information about the products and about our sustainability policy….