More information about the Forest Alchemy products


If you still have any questions about the products and how they are made, contact us. We will gradually add more information to this page as questions arise and are answered.




    We do what we can to minimise the environmental impact of our products, and always looking for ways to do this.

    Bottles and caps

    Glass bottles are the best way to protect the essences and hydrosols. The bottles can be washed, sterilised and re-used after use, or recycled.

    We have not found an alternative to plastic droppers and sprayers. You can wash and sterilise them and re-use. 

     Alternatively the company LUSH offer a recycling service for bottle caps. They recycle them to make their plastic pots and lids. You can take them into one of their shops or send for free to this address if you are in the UK. Freepost LUSH GREENHUB

    More details here.

    *You need to remove the glass dropper part before sending.


    Our labels are made from 95% sugar cane fibre, with 5% hemp and linen, and are biodegradable.


    When possible we pack in used Jiffy bags or boxes, with re-used wrapping and filling materials. Otherwise we use recycled paper padded bags, and biodegradable paper tape.

    Herbs are packed in cellulose bags.


    Monte da Vida is off-grid. Our electricity comes from the sun.


    We use gas for heating the water for distilling the aromatic herbs. In the future we would love to move to an alternative, such as making our own Biogas.



    We use Organic Brandy as a preservative for the essences. This ensures they have a long shelf life. A few drops of essence contains very little alcohol (approx 20% alcohol by volume). However if you wish to avoid alcohol completely please contact us and we can make a special order using Apple Cider Vinegar or Glycerine instead. Bear in mind the shelf life will be very much reduced and the essence will need to be used within a few months.