Amoreira – Morus negra

Qualities of the essence


Yin Power
Black Mulberry Essence is an excellent remedy for supporting Yin energies, drawing you inwards and grounding you. It supports softening of sharp edges.

Confidence in Expression
Black Mulberry can support you in developing a strong, and stable sense of self, resulting in being able sense and state clear boundaries, and express yourself with calm confidence.

Embodiment and Connection to Earth cycles
The essence can help you develop greater awareness of your body and how your body is part of the Earth, connecting you to the natural cycles of the Earth and showing you where you are disconnected or not aligned with the Earth.

Feeling disconnected from deeper self or from the Earth. Energy scattered rather than focused, leading to difficulty in expressing oneself clearly. Spiky, sharp emotions – courage to bring them to the surface to be healed.

Possible indications: Children being nasty with each other. Support in easy and relaxed menstruation connected to natural cycles. Indicated for healing support of any trauma that involved something sharp.
(I am happy to receive feedback on any of these – if you wish to do a trial of the essence focused on these indications, let me know and I will send you a bottle.)

Tree characteristics

The Mulberry tree, although originally from southwest Asia, has been cultivated in southern Europe for hundreds of years (or maybe more), and is common in Portugal. Our local village is called Aldeia das Amoreiras, which translates as “Village of the Mulberry Trees”. The tree we are fortunate to have growing on the land here is known locally as one of the oldest and most productive!

The tree is big and shady with its large bright heart shaped leaves. The leaves have teeth. 
The flowers are pale green and resemble hairy caterpillars.

Essence making notes

20th May 2020

It was a clear sunny morning. I arrived at the tree around 8.30am and asked if I was welcome to make the essence. After feeling a positive response from the tree, I collected the flowers – their fresh green matching the big heart-shaped leaves of the tree.

After setting the bowl in the sun, I went back and sat under the tree and dropped into a receptive state. I then went into quite a personal process with this tree that was deeply moving. I became aware of a sense of sharpness. My attention was drawn to the thousands of hearts (the leaves) with teeth. I recieved images of battles, or shedding of blood, of sharp weapons. As well as of the battle within. I felt my own sharp edges.

More associations flooded in to do with blood –

The blood-like juice of the berries as sacrament.
The shedding of blood during menstruation – the giving of blood to the earth – shame – staining – sharp pains.
Purification – cleansing the blood of information, of ancestral wounds.
The blood of Christ – crucifixion
Self-harm – cutting – anguish. “I feel all cut-up”
Protecting the delicate heart “bleeding heart”

The overall sense I got was that the tree was like a mother that welcomes the battle-worn warrior, dresses their wounds and soothes. This of course can be a metaphor for the internal process of self-healing and coming back to oneself after challenging times. So Black Mulberry supports one to meet their own inner wounds with courage and gentleness, to “give up the battle”. To purge and purify – to release tears and allow flow.

A strongly Yin remedy that connects you to the earth’s power and support, for restoration and renewal.

The healed state

The ability to taste the sweetness and innocence of life. Softness and openness.

Clarity and focus in manifesting your gifts in the world with ease, in knowingness of your power.

Awareness of your connection with the natural cycles of the Earth, so they can support you.

Recognition of how our ‘personal’ wounds, and our healing impact the collective through the quantum field of all that is.


“The very first time I took the essence I felt an instant calm.  It was extraordinary, and not at all expected.  I felt almost a wash of peace and more centred.  With a deep exhale of relief, I felt myself ‘back in my body’ and I could ‘see’ clearly again.”

S, Netherlands