We offer you the opportunity to balance your environmental impact through the Earthlife Re-balance  program. This includes carbon offsetting, but goes beyond solely focusing on carbon.


    Planting trees

    With the Re-balance program we will plant trees for you so you can offset carbon. Or you can come and plant your own, and Re-connect by spending some time in the forest finding your own roots in the earth and rebalancing yourself as well.

    Its about more than carbon....

    We believe that carbon sequestration is one part of balancing the impact of our actions, however it needs to be part of a wider and deeper commitment to change. We also focus on biodiversity, soil restoration, erosion prevention, water conservation, rural livelihoods, earth-connection, heart-centred action and finding internal balance.

    Trees we plant

    There are different categories of tree we plant here.

    Most common are the native trees. These can be larger overstory trees, and smaller understory more shrubby trees, including:


    Cork Oak

    Holm Oak

    Sweet Chestnut

    English Oak

    Portuguese Oak

    Pyrennean Oak




    Strawberry tree


    Pistacia (Mastic) – Pistacia lentiscus

    Hawthorn – 


    Judas Tree

    2. NON-NATIVE TREES that are suited to this ecosystem and are drought resilient, and multifunctional.

    Nettle Tree

    Bride Tree

    Mexican Cedar




    We are planting a wide variety of these, to add to those that were already here… including:


    Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime

    Peach, Nectarine, Apricot, Plum

    Avocado, Guava, Araça


    Walnut, Almond, Pistachio, Pecan


    English Oak – Quercus robur.

    Ash – Fraxinus

    Fig – Ficus carica

    Strawberry tree – Arbutus unedo

    Judas Tree – Cercis siliquastrum

    Sweet Chestnut – Castanea sativa

    Juniper – Juniperus 

    Regenerative land care

    There are other actions we are taking to improve soils, capture carbon, and increase water retention and biodiversity. These include:

    Wood Chipping and mulching

    Making and using Biochar and Bokashi 

    Nitrogen-fixing cover crops

    Water retention measures

    No heavy machines. No ploughing.

    Selective clearing of the land

    Maintaining wild areas with limited human intervention

    Collecting forest seeds from here and from other lands in the area for sowing.

    Heart-to-heart funding

    The Re-balance program is an invitation to contribute to the vision we hold for ourselves and others on this planet.

    Our program is based on trust and building heart-centred networks of abundance.

    We are not currently undertaking any carbon measurements, and rather than using this as a measure of our impact, we will share our living journey as we regenerate the land, and as we understand our impact. We will share this transparently, taking you with us as we track this journey and ensuring you and those around you, will have a well rounded understanding of your impact.

    As this project grows and expands so will our measurement system balancing impact and outcome.

    How to join the program

    Head over to the Earthlife Re-balance page where you can calculate your carbon footprint, and find out how  you can contribute.

    Keep checking back for updates, and news about events related to the program.




    Our supporters

    Nina Cejnar
    Impact Investing & Emotional Intelligence Coach with GoldenDeer

    “I am off-setting all my flights with Re-balance as I fully believe in their holistic vision that combines healthy living of people with a healthy nature. What I find most unique is the depths of connection and care for the land by Monte da Vida team. I am very grateful to be able to participate in that through my carbon off-sets. It brings me joy!”