Oliveira – Olea europaea


Qualities of the essence


Has a strong action on the body energy or chi. Good for bringing one more into the body. Recharges depleted energy. 

Forgiveness / Gratitude
Aids in self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others as a pathway to peace. Helps one recognise the value of all experience and be grateful for it. 

Connection to solar energy
Aids in connection to the energy of the sun, and teaches how to receive its power and nourishment without being harmed by it.


Exhaustion. The feeling “I can’t go on”. Weakness. Dissociation from the body. Discomfort with physical existence. Recovery from shock/trauma.

Tree Characteristics


The Olive is a small evergreen tree that can live to an old age. It is a well known tree throughout the Mediterranean region, with a long relationship with humans. Its fruit is rich in oils, its leaves are highly medicinal, and the wood is hard and durable, as well as being a useful firewood.

Olives have been cultivated by humans for thousands of years. We have pruned them and shaped them to make them productive and easy to harvest. They are incredibly resilient trees. Even old trees can be dug up and replanted and still keep growing. A tree that appears completely dead will suddenly start sprouting again even in very challenging environments, as such they are symbol of regeneration and longevity.

There is much symbolism and myth connected to the tree. The olive branch is a symbol of peace and reconciliation. Olive oil has been used in many religions and cultures as a sacred fluid for ceremony, as well as health.

Left without pruning the trees become taller with sparser leaves and straggly branches. Here at Monte da Vida we have both cultivated Olives and ones that have reverted to be wild or grown wild, and exist in the forest and slopes along the waterlines. 

Essence making notes

27 May 2019

I decided to make the essence from some of the olive trees in a wild and beautiful area of the land we call the ‘secret valley’.

Here the olive trees have not been pruned or harvested for a long time. They grow alongside oaks and hawthorns, and have twiggy and scrawny branches covered in lichen. 

The delicate little white blossoms contrast with the tough leaves. Lots of beetles are enjoying the yellow pollen in the centre of the four white petals.

Once I set down the essence and allow myself to sit at the base of the tree and receive its energy and message, I feel my body re-charging and energised from feet to head. A strong sense of the life-force within. 

It feel this essence helps one stay in the body and to honour the body and to be kind to it. It allows one to rest on the earth as a physical being; to recognise the value of physical experience and to be grateful for it.

It helps to bring back parts of ourselves that have been disassoociated, and to integrate them. 

It can also be used after a shock or trauma to offer grounding support to the body

Olive also encourages self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. It teaches tolerance and patience with self and other. 

I sense the relationship of this tree with the sun, and solar energy. I feel it can aid in connection with the energy of the sun, and offer guidance on how to be nourished by it without being harmed.

It relates to the solar plexus, and can be used to reignite will and purpose. The olive tree is like a firm hand leading one out of struggle and confusion, or from debility to strength.

I sense the history of the tree, and of its olive fruits, within human culture. Its use in ceremony and healing, and the long history of the trees that have survived for thousands of years and witnessed the passing of times and lives. Olive offers a portal of connection to “tree time”, and memories of the earth.


I can say the Olive had a great impact on me! 

At first what I most noted from the essence is a calm penetrating softness.
It opens my heart and clears my head.
The essence for me feels friendly and female.
Gives more awareness, openness and acceptance.
Before taking them I had often an inner restlessness. Also agitation towards people, especially in my relationship. And now that changed!
I become calmer inside, so I can accept myself and others more!

Rupa, Portugal