The Monte da Vida project is about being fully alive.

It is a place for maximising our experience of life, through developing a grounded and harmonious relationship with the earth, and by supporting each other to let go of limiting beliefs and ideas that prevent us from experiencing more joy and freedom.

Monte da Vida is a meditation community and land regeneration project. We are exploring a next-generation way to live…..  One that is both high tech and connected to the wider world,  as well as being super connected to the land, to each other, and the environment around us. One that leaves a positive legacy for future generations.


Monte da Vida is set in a hilly part of the south-west Alentejo. There are many cork oak trees, some old and some very young. There are also lots of olive trees, some pines, some eucalyptus, and a range of other trees, including many fruit trees, along the main valley where there is an old abandoned orchard.

There is much scope for regenerating the land to a new level of resilience and abundance. We have begun increasing the biodiversity on the land by introducing many more kinds of native trees and shrubs and we have begun to recover many of the old fruit trees in the valley and plant more, with the aim of creating a perennial food forest. Our intention is to practice regenerative agriculture and forestry, and eventually turn the land into a nature conservation area..


Monte da Vida is located in an area at high risk of desertification. To fulfill our goal of creating a thriving forest farm, and be able to survive times of drought, and the risk of fire, we are creating a seasonal water store system.


Regenerative enterprise

We are investigating several options for sustainable rural enterprises, that offer ecological alternatives to the extractive business model of monoculture plantations of eucalyptus or pine. We are making products from wood, and have begun experimenting with herbal and aromatic plants.


We offer transformational and healing retreats.

Between us we have many years of experience in supporting people in making positive transitions in their lives.

We have space for one or two people to come for an extended retreat time with a programme specifically tailored to the individual needs. This will include meditation, Tai chi/ Qigong, healthy diet, self-inquiry and self-honesty, deep healing in nature (including a variety of modalities including working with nature guides, medicine walks).


Martial Arts and Taoist Energy Practises

We practise and teach Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Bagua),  Qigong, Taoist Breathing and Presence practises. Contact us if you are interested in learning and to find out about current classes.

If you already a practitioner, get in contact is you wish to come and train with us.


Design and Building

We have been designing and building Monte da Vida from scratch. We use natural materials – wood, stone and cob, as much as we can, and endeavour create buildings that are light on the land, and sit harmoniously within it.


As a community, we share a common approach to life that can be described as meditation based.

This approach is characterized by a mindfulness to holding a positive open attitude to whatever life brings, being prepared to respond and transform with that, without compromise to what is true for each individual.

We see this as a continual exposing and discovery of one’s true nature, and believe that this process is greatly enhanced by the support of the community. Hence at Monte da Vida we see ourselves as fundamentally a meditation community and expect others who wish to share time with us to share a similar view, embracing the culture we have created around this.

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