Regenerative Enterprise

We have been developing ideas for products that we can produce in collaboration with the land, that can support our regeneration efforts, as well as giving us income to support us.

Our first product range is ready to be launched in Spring 2019.  Forest Alchemy is a range of Tree Essences and hydrosol distillates from wild aromatic plants. Read about Clare’s journey in making these here.

Servan has also made some prototype benches using eucalyptus wood harvested from the land here and transforming it into solid and beautiful furniture.

 Dee is excited to be embarking on a journey to work with bees to produce “conservation honey”, and with the olive trees to develop products with their fruits.

Els is going to be doing some experiments in making olive oil soap.

Our products will be available for sale directly, and will also be distributed through Earthlife Goods Ltd, a new company which will market and sell “goods from the woods”, which support regenerative forest stewardship, via a network of forest allies.