We have occasional openings for someone to come and stay for a time of learning, healing, transformation, or training in Martial Arts / Taoist energy practises, if we have the space and time available for this.

Once we have more accommodation built, supporting people in this way will be become a regular part of our work here.

Please write to us with detailed information about yourself and why you would like to come.

For short visits you will need to bring your own camping equipment, unless the caravan is free. For the 3 week option we can offer you accommodation depending on what is available. At the moment that would be a caravan or a tent. There is also the option to spend some time sleeping alone in the forest to support your intention.

We have found that it works best if people come here with a clear intention.

Listed below are the intentions that we feel open to support here. If you have a different intention you are welcome to write and share it with us.

1. Healing retreat

Your intention is to go deep and heal something within. Relaxation and clear space is required, without daily challenges.

Duration: 3 nights or 3-4 weeks

Please tell us what your issue is and why you feel a stay with us would be of benefit.

2. Deep reflection in nature

You want to reflect on your life and get a reflection on who you are and where you are. This might be about deciding where to go next, crystallizing a new direction, or re-awakening your creativity.

Duration:  3 nights or 3-4 weeks

3. Training Upgrade

You wish to take your practise to a new level, whether it is meditation, martial arts, chi gung or yoga etc.

Duration: 3-4 weeks

4. Moving through a blockage

You are aware of something stuck that you want to move though. You need to space and time to do it.

Duration: 3 days or 3-4 weeks