Servan Keondjian

Co Founder, Technical architect, Geomancer


serv fig tree close

Servan is co-founder of Monte da Vida, where he spends time engaging his knowledge of complex systems to design community architecture and off-grid systems, as well as designing and building modular eco-homes from natural materials.

His passion has always been how complex systems interrelate, especially the border between technical architectures and social systems. Also during that time, leading thousands of meetings and guiding many projects to delivery, he developed a dynamic group process approach to project team development.

Servan has run small and medium sized companies at the CEO and Chairman level for more than 25 years. During that time, leading over a thousand meetings, he developed a dynamic group process approach to project team development. Apart from his corporate career, he has extensive experience with other forms of group work, presence practices and meditation, and he is a long term student and teacher of Taoist arts. He teaches Tai Chi, Qigong and Wing Chun, runs groups to develop and explore our authentic presence in the world, as well as coaching on a personal and executive level. His goal is to support optimal health through techniques to enable freedom of expression in our bodies, our words and our actions both in our relationships and our creative actions in the world.

Servan currently runs InSpace, a small high-tec software company, via satellite internet from our mud-hut office, whilst leading the building and landscaping projects at Monte da Vida. He is also designing and building his first house, and enjoys the balance of mental work, with physical work moving rocks and hand-crafting wood poles for construction.

Servan is also Systems Architect and technical advisor for Earthlife.

He loves to play the piano.

Servan Building a experimental house

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