Visiting Monte da Vida


Monte Da Vida is a meditation community. It is a place to practice and be supported in your meditation practice by others.

If you feel aligned with our vision for community and wish to make contact, write to us and tell us a bit about yourself, about why you are attracted to visit Monte da Vida, and anything you feel you would like to contribute.

Ideally it is best to read all of our Community page and particularly look into the section on ‘our culture’ before considering coming to Monte da Vida.

If you wish to come and spend any amount of time here, you must be in some way a practitioner of meditation (by our definition of meditation covered in the Community  page) for it to be of interest to you at all.

Please do not show up unannounced at Monte da Vida. Contact us first if you wish to visit.

Ways you can visit us

Weekly classes

You can attend our weekly Qigong or Taoist meditation classes if you are in the area. Contact us and we can let you know the details.

Short stay

We are open to people coming for a short visit (1 or 2 nights) to meet and get to know us. At most times of the year you will need to bring your own camping equipment (tent / caravan). We can provide a spot and basic facilities such as electricity, hot shower etc. We ask for a contribution to food and lodging of 15 euros per day.

 Longer stay – 2 weeks or more

We do not have a structured work-stay programme, and in most cases prefer to have met someone, or had them visit for a day or two before committing to a longer stay.  We ask that anyone coming makes a small financial contribution towards food and basic costs (10 euros per day), as well as contributing some happy work hours.

We are particularly interested to hear from you if you have an intention to live with others in a place where honesty and awareness are priorities, and you have the skills in one of the “open positions” listed on this page: Opportunities for people to join us

We have occasional openings for someone to come and stay for a time of learning, healing, transformation, or training in Martial Arts / Taoist energy practises, if we have the space and time available for this. Please write to us with detailed information about yourself and why you would like to come.
Once we have more accommodation built, supporting people in this way will be become part of our work here.